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OpenEZX project - logo proposal

Thinking to a catchy logo is a hard activity, but a starting point can be to look at some concrete objects that are around us and let the inspiration flow through the right side of our brain :)

That was what I did. I was looking at the Motorola A780, which is the reference development platform of OpenEZX.
After a certain point the phone was not a phone anymore at my eyes, it turned into a beast: a dog (where the camera button is one eye and the stylus is a ear), or maybe a whale (where the camera lens is the blowhole), well, look at the photos I took after I had such "visions", here.

Imagining the logo representing a canidae, I made a sketch of what I intended to comunicate:

logo proposal

Then I took a reference picture to guide me during the realization process:

logo proposal

And finally I tried to draw the logo using Inkscape.
In the picture you _should_ see a dog that brings the project name in his mouth.
As you can see the result is somewhat pleasant-looking, but is NOT what I define a professional-looking logo!
(See that one for getting what I'm speaking about).

logo proposal

So, I think that the creative process I followed and even my particular idea of a canidae can be good for the project logo. However the realization can be better, and if someone good at drawing want to take over that, please feel free to do so.

Regarding the license, I presume one of the Creative Commons can do, but I'm not very acquainted with such licenses.