Remove images from PDF files

Some times ago I ran into some Service Manuals with unusual background images:


Branding patches with git and vim

In linux kernel development there are informal, and yet quite solid, conventions which apply when sharing patches and collaborating during the —public and undisclosed— phase of code peer-review.

As some of you may know, all the communications about kernel development happen via e-mail, and there are some tools to ease the task of preparing and sending patches; these tools allow some degree of customization, or “branding” like I am calling it in this case.

ao2 X-Face


signature_block.vim : Add and manipulate signature blocks in e-mails

Uploaded signature_block.vim: a plugin for adding and manipulating signature blocks in e-mails with Vim.


Vim buffers: status(line) symbol

If you use the Vim editor, sooner or later you run into the concept of text buffers.


Vim: tip, of the iceberg, of the day

Imagine you have a big file, you want to keep only few lines of it and delete everything else quickly, all that in Vim.