backstage: part two, Drupal.

The second part of the story behind, is in the wiki.

Yes, is based on Drupal, some might consider it an overkill for a little personal blog, and from a strictly practical point of view I could even agree. While deploying I happened to say to myself: “Keep It Simple Stupid, you are over-designing, and you should know this is bad!”.

In this case I chose Drupal obviously for its multilingual features, perhaps influenced by the hype around it, but also to play the game of trying to express a Wordpress-like platform in terms of Drupal.

Drupal is not a simple Content Management System, as Nemo keeps reminding us, it is rather a Content Management Framework; it is a quite powerful tool, it needs some time to getting used to it, but I think it is worth it.

BTW, I don't know if I've won the game, but I surely enjoyed playing it.

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Good choice, anyway. Drupal

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Good choice, anyway. Drupal is very good. And since it is modular, you are not actually "over-designing", you are just using the modules you need!

I wasn't very clear in the

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I wasn't very clear in the post, I meant that when you zestfully experiment with a new tool which gives you so much freedom of choice (which is the case, considering how many Drupal modules there are), you could end up putting in features which are not needed (over-design), or not very to the point (mis-design).

Eventually, the result was not that bad; I think the self-warning worked pretty well. :)

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