Jump rope hacking with zip ties

If you have a jump rope with ball bearing handles you can use zip ties to hack them into one of those fancy “speed ropes”.

And yes, I am kind of into jumping rope these days.

jump rope original
jump rope internals
jump rope zip tie
jump rope hack proof of concept
jump rope hacked



Let's Stevie talk for me:

When you believe in things you don't understand
Then you suffer
Superstition ain't the way

Enjoy the funky stuff too:

Youtube - Stevie Wonder - Superstition



Every time I read AOSP in the news I think something is not quite right.

ao2 logo mocking Android


Can I clone it, Ma?

In the attached picture you can see Betty Lou, the cat living in the garden here.

Betty Lou on National Geographic


Lemon Italian Ice

Lemon ice

Here's the recipe for Lemon Ice (“Sorbetto al Limone” in Italian) we use in the family, it is quite famous amongst our friends and sometimes we are asked for it, so I thought I could share it here before the summer comes.



Thinking in hex does make you feel younger: I am in my early 20s, my body is in its best shape ever and I can see my hobbies turning into my passions.

And there was a time when I was even thinking to my age in octal, how silly I was.