signature_block.vim : Add and manipulate signature blocks in e-mails

Uploaded signature_block.vim: a plugin for adding and manipulating signature blocks in e-mails with Vim.


Vim buffers: status(line) symbol

If you use the Vim editor, sooner or later you run into the concept of text buffers.


The ironing is delicious!

Hemm, The irony is delicious, not sure about the ironing, actually.

I was reading a very interesting article by Nemo, inspired by another one about the same matter: automatic spelling correction, when an old idea of mine came out again.


git-commit with date in the past

When setting up the git repository for VRM I wanted to preserve the project development history, but I hadn't used any real VCS tool back then, I just used to make timed backups with a scheme like this:

$ ls -1


Fixed DNSBL filtering bug in MediaWiki

I've recently fixed a bug in MediaWiki to make DNSBL spam filtering finally work! See r58054 for details.

If you use MediaWiki with $wgEnableSorbs = true you really really want to apply the patch.


If you love someone, set them free

Someone at google must be singing this song in their head, mustn't they?

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