Accessing authenticated feeds with Liferea

I use RSS/Atom feeds a lot, they are a relatively efficient way to follow stuff around the web, and they are also privacy-friendly tools to a certain degree: I can follow my friends and family on Youtube, Flickr, and even Twitter (at least as long as API 1.0 is up and running, bah...), without having to explicitly tell the companies behind those sites whom I am friend with. Privacy is not only about “what you do”, but also about “whom you know”.


Fixed DNSBL filtering bug in MediaWiki

I've recently fixed a bug in MediaWiki to make DNSBL spam filtering finally work! See r58054 for details.

If you use MediaWiki with $wgEnableSorbs = true you really really want to apply the patch.

[-] backstage: parts three and four, wiki and GIT server.

The third and fourth parts of the backstage about are on the wiki.