Launching the Windows Recovery Environment

A friend of mine had a problem with his Windows 10 installation: the system booted but it was unresponsive, so it was not possible to enter the Windows Recovery Environment from Windows.


Run commands as another user, with access to the X display

I've uploaded a simple wrapper around sudo, for executing commands as another user with full access to the X display (GLX works too); I call it xudo.


Writing Android apps from command line

I've put on-line a brief tutorial of my first experiences with Android apps from the command line interface, IDEs are just not really in my line.


Autoexpanding aliases with readline; the story of suod

Have you ever typed suod instead of sudo? I do that quite often; maybe I am becoming typing dixleysc, who knows.


On piping in shell scripts and var scoping


When writing shell scripts keep an eye on subshell creation to avoid unexpected results.