Misc links: August 2013

Some interesting and inspiring things I stumbled upon this month:


Misc links: April-May 2013

Some funteresting stuff I've run into in the past months:


Writing Android apps from command line

I've put on-line a brief tutorial of my first experiences with Android apps from the command line interface, IDEs are just not really in my line.


Misc links: January-February 2013

Some interesting stuff I've run into in the past months:


The IPv6 Greeter Drupal module

I've added an IPv6 Greeter block on in order to greet the IPv6 users, and to inform the others about the existence of the new protocol.


List header files first in a patch with git

When submitting a patch for review we want our readers/reviewers to be able to read it as easily as possible, and when you make changes to code involving some definitions in a header file you definitely want header files to be listed first in the patch, so that the reader can follow the changes to the code logic knowing already the new definitions.

Changing the order of files in a patch can be done very easily using the -Oorderfile option offered by some git commands.


Misc Links of August 2010

I am cleaning up the bookmarks in the web browser and reading some things I had on hold since quite some time, here are some links I'd like to propose you:


To stopping top-posting

I am still fighting my little personal battle against mindless-forwarding in chain-letters (I call that Wild-CC) and top-posting in e-mails.

Today I've had another confirmation (as if I needed any) that top-posting is a bad way to reply to a message.