Altoids: Exercises in Style

After my cool non-sense story about Android 5 I wanted to get back again to the Altoids theme and expand a bit on it.

The “Aldroino” board I envisioned at the time became a reality with the BeagleBone Black, which can indeed run Android, however a cool tin box for it was still missing and I felt I ought to do something about it.


AKOP —the Altoids Knock-Offs Project— is a collection of customized logos inspired to the Altoids one, the logos are intended to be for personal fun and as an homage to Altoids boxes.

The graphics are meant to be printed on adhesive paper, then cut and sticked on blank Altoids sized tins, like for instance the ones from adafruit or the much cheaper ones from SpecialtyBottle.

If anyone is interested in the PNGs or in the original Inkscape and GIMP files, just get in touch; the files are too big to host on my web server but maybe some other way to make them public can be arranged.

Some legalese stuff

Android Blue Knock-Off
Android Green Knock-Off
Android Red Knock-Off
Antonio Red Knock-Off
Arduino Knock-Off
Debian Knock-Off
Drupal Knock-Off
Ladyada Knock-Off
Linux Knock-Off

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Hey! Love these

Ritratto di E$

Hey! Love these graphics.
What fonts did you use for the "curiously open-system" and the "ANDROID" texts?
I want to make my own personal version of the altoids logo!

Hi, the font used in the

Ritratto di ao2


the font used in the original Altoids logo resembles the "Dutch MediaEval Bold" font, but I think it's a custom font; I traced the letters in Inkscape and created new letters trying to match the style of the original logo.

The font of the tagline is "Libre Semi Serif Bold".

Ciao, Antonio

Can you export the letters as

Ritratto di Anonymous

Can you export the letters as an Adobe Illustrator or eps file please?

These look awesome, could you

Ritratto di Anonymous

These look awesome, could you send me the gimp files?

Wow! Your labels look great.

Ritratto di Anonymous

Wow! Your labels look great. I would like to customize and use them for a personal party. Would you please send me the Inkscape and GIMP files? I've been trying to imitate the font on my Mac with much less success than you. TIA!

Fantastic work! Are you able

Ritratto di Lilah

Fantastic work! Are you able to send the png and Inkscape/GIMP files? I would love to use these please and thanks for sharing such a great design.

Hi! Love it and would like to

Ritratto di Kristin


Love it and would like to use it for a personalized logo as well. May I please have the PNGs and the original Inkscape and GIMP files?


Excellent work Antonio! Can

Ritratto di Anonymous

Excellent work Antonio!
Can you please share your PNGs and the original Inkscape and GIMP files?
Much appreciated!

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