Tweeper 1.4.0 released, more Mastodon-friendly RSS feeds

Tweeper is a web scraper which converts Twitter and other social media websites to RSS.

On November 16th 2018 version 1.4.0 of Tweeper has been released. The tweeper Debian package has also been updated.

For PHP composer users there is also ao2/tweeper on packagist, which means that tweeper can be installed and run with these commands:

$ composer global require ao2/tweeper
$ ~/.config/composer/vendor/bin/tweeper

The most visible change in this release is the addition of command line options to enable or disable showing usernames and multimedia content in the description element in the RSS feed. This could come in handy when combining tweeper with feed2toot to import content into Mastodon.

Here are the NEWS file entries:

News for v1.4.0:

  * Make the images adapt to the screen width in feed readers which render the
    HTML data in the description.
  * Indicate if there is a GIF image in a tweet.
  * Add option to enable or disable showing usernames in RSS items.
  * Retry multiple times to retrieve a resource before giving up.
  * Fix coding style.
  * Add option to enable or disable showing multimedia content in RSS items.
  * Fix generating enclosures for
  * Make enclosure elements validate with when the server
    does not provide a Content-Length header.

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