Misc links: January-February 2013

Some interesting stuff I've run into in the past months:

  • The Unreasonable Effectiveness of C. C is simple, and I surely like simplicity. That made me think about the difference between Simple and Easy, and between Complex and Difficult.

    It should be trivial but I'll summarize it here once again:

    • Simple and Complex are concepts of structure.
    • Easy and Difficult are concepts of effort.

    That is why you can have all the four combinations of them, even represented in a Cipolla fashion.

  • Cameron Russell: Looks aren't everything. Believe me, I'm a model. Genetic lottery is a catchy expression indeed, and fact is that image is important, and beauty is.

    However I like to think to our genetic legacy as a lower and upper bounds, of a relatively large interval of opportunity where we can express our potential.

    These topics also opens a lot of thoughts about meritocracy (did I hear anyone saying Gattaca here?).

  • Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are. Fake it until you become it. Is it really simple as that?

  • Live Action Toy Story. I still haven't watched it all, but it's a cool project worth mentioning.

  • Bakery Work. It looks like he's having fun. What I see is a backery hacker here, and I like it.

  • Ladyada on President Obama's Fireside G+ Hangout. It's an easy one to like Limor from Adafruit, I know; here she is talking to President Obama. I'd like to see more women in technology: a wider range of ideas is a good thing.

    Ladies, don't let some dumb tech-dog scare you; they just bark.

  • LED Dress for Barbie. A nice idea for a gift to your daughter or niece; or for yourself if you are into these things... hackable led arrays, that is.

  • An introduction to digital audio signals. A lot of stuff I didn't know about digital audio.

  • The Google Glass feature no one is talking about. I read that privacy is not considered a value anymore by new generations; well, I think it is, and more important then ever.

    Now color me gray and call me grampao2.

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