The source code of my projects can be found on the git server.


ao2.it backstage: parts three and four, wiki and GIT server.

The third and fourth parts of the backstage about ao2.it are on the wiki.


ao2.it backstage: part two, Drupal.

The second part of the story behind ao2.it, is in the wiki.


git server up


A git server is now up at git.ao2.it.

Still not much to see there, but this is gonna change soon.


Vim: tip, of the iceberg, of the day

Imagine you have a big file, you want to keep only few lines of it and delete everything else quickly, all that in Vim.


ao2.it backstage: part one.

I've just put on the wiki the first of my HOWTOs, or you can call them ao2's if you prefer ;)


Revenge of the blogs?

Hi, welcome to ao2.it.

Sometimes people ask me why I'm not on Facebook, the old bitter me could say: Because otherwise you couldn't keep asking me this.; but I am trying to be a nice kid lately, so I think there should be a more detailed and polite answer.

Drawing inspired to "Revenge of the nerds".