Renaming a DOM element with XSL

When playing with the PHP classes for DOM manipulation I found out that there isn't a method to rename an element in the DOM, well, also someone else came across this thing.


Web scraping with PHP and XSL

In order to have always the latest version of the XHTML 1.1 Quick Reference by Examples from the git repository included on this site I am using this snippet as content of a Drupal node along with the PHP input format:



The source code of my projects can be found on the git server.


ao2.it backstage: parts three and four, wiki and GIT server.

The third and fourth parts of the backstage about ao2.it are on the wiki.


ao2.it backstage: part two, Drupal.

The second part of the story behind ao2.it, is in the wiki.


git server up


A git server is now up at git.ao2.it.

Still not much to see there, but this is gonna change soon.


Vim: tip, of the iceberg, of the day

Imagine you have a big file, you want to keep only few lines of it and delete everything else quickly, all that in Vim.


ao2.it backstage: part one.

I've just put on the wiki the first of my HOWTOs, or you can call them ao2's if you prefer ;)


Revenge of the blogs?

Hi, welcome to ao2.it.

Sometimes people ask me why I'm not on Facebook, the old bitter me could say: Because otherwise you couldn't keep asking me this.; but I am trying to be a nice kid lately, so I think there should be a more detailed and polite answer.

Drawing inspired to "Revenge of the nerds".