Misc Links of August 2010

I am cleaning up the bookmarks in the web browser and reading some things I had on hold since quite some time, here are some links I'd like to propose you:

  • XEP-0263: ECO-XMPP is an April Fool XEP; it is quite funny, well, at least it was for me :).
  • Johanna Blakely: Lessons from fashion's free culture is an interesting TED talk about the lack of copyright protection in the fashion industry. The talk shows how low-IP industries happen to be more successful than high-IP ones, it only marginally mentions the difference between physical goods and intangible (digital) ones from a business perspective, but it does offer some useful points about creativity to think about, it reminds me of Lawrence Lessig's definition of Read/Write culture in a way (Lessig is also on TED, I should be speaking more about him); plus I also enjoyed the “fashionable” presentation style of Johanna Blakely a lot.
  • Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity: another talk from TED, about the current trend in educational systems and how they can limit children's creativity. The presentation is awesome, funny and insightful, awfully brilliant. The man surely knows how to walk through his arguments (pun intended: Sir Robinson has a leg paralysis due to polio but he looks so strongly confident that I don't really feel guilty in making a joke out of it). There is also a follow up to the previous presentation: Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution! .
  • ESTETICA DEL CODICE SORGENTE, PER DIRE this article in Italian talks about the virus scene from a sociological and artistic point of view, interesting reading but there are too many references to sources I don't know, I feel I haven't fully got what the author wanted to express. Maybe you will.

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