The ironing is delicious!

Hemm, The irony is delicious, not sure about the ironing, actually.

I was reading a very interesting article by Nemo, inspired by another one about the same matter: automatic spelling correction, when an old idea of mine came out again.

I have been thinking since quite some time about a Malapropism generator, I naively thought it had to be based on homophones classification but never delved into it, and those articles are enlightening, many useful lotionsnotions there.

I share the basic idea in case someone wants to realize it, anyway Google already knows something about it, hmpf:

  1. take a famous quote
  2. spot the keywords in it
  3. replace (de-correct?) one of these with a near word in the sense of Levenshtein
  4. fun
  5. ...profit? Naah.

Could this work?

Applying science to humor, replicating with machines humorists' linguistic techniques, could be fun; even if we'll hardly get where a —sometimes involuntary— human genius can.

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